SME and Corporate engagement in Western Australia. SME Alchemy is an initiative developing interdependent collaboration between technology and technical SMEs focused on mining industry for a unified approach to corporate mining companies in innovation

South African Supplier Diversity Council (SASDC)

Supplier development of SME sector in South Africa

Founding Director in 2010

Australasian Supply Chain Institute 

Volunteer participation as President of the West Australian Chapter

ISN Mentorship Program 

ISN have established a mentor program for SC graduates for the development of skills and behaviours to support their entry into job market. This is in response to a development gap in SC profession where unlike accountants, lawyers and engineer there is limited entry level development programs.

UWA student mentor program

Mentoring of final year and post graduate students

Learning Junctions 

Learning Junctions was born out of a need to address the huge gaps in accessibility to quality education in South Africa in particular, and other parts of the world in general. In the wake of Industrial Revolution 4.0 it is imperative that education systems the world over bridge the gap to ensure accelerated learning. The challenge of resources to sustain education delivery places huge constraints on the government fiscus. Our web conferencing system (Tutorage™️) is designed for online interactive, real time, face-to-face learning with labelling facilities to create virtual learning organisations.