Why Human-centric supply chains?

Reframing mindset to a “human-centric” supply chain shapes a predictable future of sustainability.

“Human-centric” supply chains are:

  • Deliberate in design, development and considerate of their ramifications on the world, and
  • Equitably address human need without prejudice or harm to any person and planet, and
  • Constantly evolving in awareness of the impact of their operations

This advances a shift in supply chains from “either/or” to “both/and” 

  • Profit or Planet or People
  • Economic or Environmental or Social


  • Profit and Planet and People
  • Economic and Environmental and Social

Why resolving “silo” constraints?

Silo constraints erode value by limiting performance, increasing cost, fostering uncertainty and hindering decision making.

Silos can be found in intra and inter organisational relationships, in processes, in “islands” of technology, in data models and in permutations between people, process, technology and data. 

Key to resolving silos is intra and inter organisation integration and alignment.

This requires:

  • Developing requisite leadership capacity centre of gravity for expanded relationships, and
  • Systems orientated process reference architecture, and
  • Leveraging technology from shop floor control to enterprise systems, across organisational boundaries and incorporating internet of things, and
  • Organisational data governance for a “single source truth”

When resolving silos, reframing thinking of supply chains and what we want to transform to is pivotal!!